How to Get Unlimited Tokens on Stripchat for Free of Charge


Is it possible to get Stripchat tokens for free? Yes. You will find that the process is simpler than you think. It takes very little time to claim some of the free tokens that Stripchat offers. You can combine these two pleasure pursuits by using a website that offers great value and freebies.

Webcam platform users have long been aware of the benefits of free tokens. Sign-up bonuses and other deals are available for most services. Stripchat has the best freebies and discounts. Tokens are used for payment and to keep the action going.

You can get tokens completely free by reading this guide. Your account balance will rise, which allows you to pay for services with models. Additionally, you have many options to save money on packages or win rewarding contests.

Here are the steps to earn Stripchat tokens.


By entering the giveaway, you can get Stripchat tokens free of charge. You can win 50 tokens by entering the giveaway if you have verified your email address. Even if your first win was not enough, you can still participate. The draw takes place on an hourly basis, so you can reenter everytime.

Stripchat’s giveaway is a fantastic way for new users to earn tokens. With 50 tokens up for grabs it’s plenty to use them towards private shows.

Go to the main site or click on the notification to enter the chatbox to claim your prize. This offer is available throughout the day. Every draw has ten lucky winners. You must claim your prize within 10 min if you win.

Take Discounts

Are you planning to buy tokens in the future? Did you realize that tokens can be discounted when you purchase your next order? Future purchases of online currency can be saved a lot. The packages are discounted by as much as 10%, up to 25%, and you get tokens for free.

These deals are offered by many popular webcam sites to incentivize customers into buying more. Stripchat offers huge discounts on tokens which can reduce or save money over the original purchase.

For example, USD 0.10 is the cost per token for 200 tokens in a package. The cost per token for a package with 520 tokens is USD 0.10.

Here are some examples right now of packages that offer discounts:

200 Tokens$19.990.10
520 Tokens$49.990.0961
1085 Tokens$99.990.0926
2255 Tokens$199.990.0887
5770 Tokens$499.990.0867
11720 Tokens$999.990.0853

Enjoy promotions and competitions

Many contests and promotions are offered by the brand. Stripchat can also be found on the most popular social media platforms. These social media platforms provide information and news that will keep you up to date on brand developments. This allows you to be the first to hear about new contests or promotions.

While it might seem simple to follow a brand on social media, there are good reasons. Stripchat makes this worthwhile with its exclusive announcements through these news outlets.

Their social media channels are full of fun contests. One example of this was their Independence Day contest, where you could win 25,000 tokens. That prize would have been incredible. Keep checking this site for similar offers.

Sounds like a good deal to you? Stripchat currently hosts Reddit competitions. To earn tokens, share your favorite performer and the one with the highest upvote wins. In return, you can win $100 worth tokens.

What is new

Stripchat allows you to earn tokens at no cost by visiting the “What’s New” section. This is found by clicking the bell symbol. It will also notify you about any new offers, and let you know how to claim them.

The announcements are official so you can trust that the special deals will work. Promo packages include 100 tokens, which you can use to get free black Friday tokens. Limited-time deals are also announced here, so keep an eye on this page.


Stripchat gives you free tokens. Sometimes, it’s all that is needed to do a little bit more research. Knowing where to look is key. Also, understanding what’s currently available is essential. This guide can help you locate free tokens for Stripchat.

Stripchat tokens are free, and this is why Stripchat is a leading brand in live chat. If you want to ensure you are never left out, there are several things you can do. Register for a Free Account. Next, be sure to Follow them on Twitter and Reddit.

Finally, tokens can be used for tipping models or to pay for premium service. Even if you’re not familiar with live cams, you can use tokens to help you learn the ropes. You don’t need to try all the methods at once. This guide will give you great tips and tricks to use this website.

How to Get Unlimited Tokens on Stripchat for Free of Charge

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